Top Educational Movies for Children

My Top Educational Movies for Children

Movies aren’t just for fun! We can learn a lot from them too. This blog post will show you my top movies that help us to learn and are also super interesting too. There will be a mix of cartoons, musicals and real-world settings for you to enjoy. So, here we go!


This film follows 11-year-old Riley as she is guided by her feelings, which are controlled by her emotions in her ‘headquarters’, also known as her brain. Not only is this film hilariously funny, but it helps us to understand our emotions too. This can help us out in daily life, as it tells us that our emotions are real and that it’s okay to feel angry, sad, scared, happy or nervous.



Wall-E tells the sad story of a robot left behind when the humans leave earth after using up all of its resources. Earth becomes a ‘rubbish’ planet and the robots have to spend their time clearing up the rubbish left behind by humans. The story tells us that there is still time left for us to take care of our planet and its natural resources, and that the way we treat the earth is important.



This one is a little different from the ones so far. The film is over 40 years old and can teach us a lot about staying positive, happy and living a life you are proud of. Not only that, but it has some great sing-a-long songs too! Follow Maria as she takes care of Captain von Trapp’s children and helps them to break into song!



The film with everybody’s favourite dog, Dug! Up tells the story of an unlikely friendship between 78-year-old Carl Fredriksen and a boy-scout named Russel. A tear-jerker at times, but it teaches us that we are never told old to achieve our dreams.



Another classic film, full of singing and dancing. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory follows the story of Charlie as he wins a golden ticket to visit the very mysterious chocolate factory. This film helps us to understand what it means to grow up poor and the importance of being honest and kind. Plus, the Ooopma Loompas are pretty fun too!



This film is more recent, and a bit more grown-up than the other films. It is adapted from a book that you might have read in school about a boy with a facial disfigurement. This means that he looks a little different. This film teaches us not to judge people by how they look and instead to judge them based on their actions and attitudes. It helps us to understand why we need to be kind to others, which is something we should all do.



Harry Potter isn’t something I would recommend for young children, as it can be a little scary. However, for those of you about my age or maybe a little younger, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is a fantastic film. It can spark our imagination, get us interested in reading and help us to understand some pretty complex things such as… Family isn’t always our blood relatives, we shouldn’t judge people based on their lineage or family history and that love is stronger than evil.



This isn’t one that you’ll see on many lists of ‘kids’ films, simply because the story can be a bit tricky. However, for children around my age, Hidden Figures is the perfect way to learn about the history of African American women working in NASA. It talks about racism and women’s rights and can therefore help older children to understand some complicated issues. It shows us that women are just as capable as men!



Just because films are cartoons, doesn’t mean that they aren’t educational too. Coco is the perfect example of a really fun cartoon that also has a lot of important learning opportunities. Coco follows the story of a young Mexican boy named Miguel who is banned from listening to or playing music. He is transported to the afterlife on the Day of the Dead. The film teaches us about Mexican culture and the importance of family, music and memories.



Babe is the story of a little pig who is won as a prize at a county fair. The film teaches us that it is sometimes scary to be in a new environment, but that we can overcome this if we stay true to ourselves. Not only that, but it also shows you that having the confidence to try new things and not be afraid can help us to be successful. Plus, it has tonnes of cute animals.



This is another film that proves that cartoons don’t have to just be silly. We can learn a lot from the Incredibles, a family who all have superpowers. Parents love this film as much as children do because of the great jokes, but also because of the messages that being there for each other and working together as a team are super important.



Whether you choose to watch the original or the remake, the story remains the same. We learn about Sophie, a little girl who meets a Big Friendly Giant. This film, and the book by Roald Dahl too, teaches us not to judge people by how they look. It shows us how important it is to be kind and give people a chance. Plus, the original is voiced by David Jason who your parents will love!


Films are a great way to learn new things and experience things we might never have experienced before. These are some of my favourite films that I think you will really enjoy. Let me know what you think, or if you have any more you think should be on the list!