Top Tourist Attractions in the UK for Kids

In this blog, I want to share with you some of the top tourist attractions in the UK for kids. Please check out the blog I’ve done on the top activities to do in London because I am going to include all new attractions here so that you have some fresh ideas.


Whether you love trains or not, the National Railway Museum is a great day out for the entire family. The museum is based in York, North Yorkshire and will keep you entertained for a whole day, learning and exploring all of the different, and HUGE, trains.



Based in Edinburgh, this is often a forgotten marvel! It has six full floors of puzzles, special effects and lots of other crazy things for you to enjoy. There’s so much to do there that you can’t possibly get bored, from shadow walls, to holograms, to a roof-top terrace! It is well worth the trip!



A different option here for those of you who enjoy nature. The Eden Project, Cornwall, is a unique attraction to visit. It is definitely one of a kind. Each of the domes is landscaped into beautiful gardens. But the best bit is the Canopy Walkway where you can walk amongst the treetops in the rainforest biome. It also has the UK’s longest zip line if you’re a thrill-seeker.



If you like fairytales and spooky stories then Forbidden Corner is the place for you. Based in North Yorkshire, this attraction has something for young children and older children too. With mazes, hidden passageways, a creepy mausoleum and lots of fun gardens to explore, Forbidden Corner is a great place to let your imagination run free.



Who hasn’t dreamed of becoming an astronaut? This museum in Leicester has everything you could ever dream of to do with space. It has the largest planetarium in the UK as well as a rocket tower and loads of other exhibits to get stuck into. Learn a bit of science while you explore the secrets of the universe.



Beamish is a bit of a different one! Based in Country Durham, Beamish is an open-air museum where you can travel back in time to see how people lived in the past. You can drive trams, steam engines, and dress up in old fashioned clothes. You can even go back to Victorian school and down a coal pit.


There are lots of cool places you can visit throughout the UK! The list above is only a snippet of the other incredible attractions. You could also check out…

  • Hadrian’s Wall
  • Fingal’s Cave
  • Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo
  • Culloden Battle Field
  • World Museum

And so many more!